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I must have been here before at Venice composed by Chikako Iversen
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 Born in Toyama, Japan

2018 Winner of Best Soundtrack “Counter Histories : Rock Hill”

           Culture & Diversity Film Festival
2018 LAFCI summer composer Premiered “Chi-no-Wa” 
2018  LAFCI auditor
2016  Received "Semi finalist"         

           ISC (Amagoi)


2016   Received "Runner Up Award"
           from Songwriting Contest (Amagoi)

2016   Received the semifinal placement
            from song of the year contest (Sazanami)

2013   received Runners up award
​           from song of the year contest as Akiko firebrid999 (Hace Mucho Tiempo)

2008   7th IMA Vox populi winner /New Age "Tea drops from the sky"

2008   Hollywood Music Award Nominee /New Age/ ambient "Love Forever"




2016   Film “Counter Histories: Rock Hills” by Tomorrow Pictures
2016   Transmission Love trailer
2017   Composed up coming Web Series Ep.1 also other episodes with a specific character. (available to watch very soon.)
2017   Performed the medley of sound track at the closing ceremony of The Global Cinema Film Festival in Boston.  
2018   World 
Premier of the  iv. movement of Grateful Crane with Song of the Angeles Flute Orchestra in Los Angeles

Chikako Iversen also produces the concert series called 

“The Depicted Vibrations “


The Depicted Vibrations showcases the works of the composers and artists with variety of instrumentation each volume. To enjoy the sound of each instrument and the collaborations of the instruments and the approaches of the composers and what they express.

 Music Education 
Started her music education with Yamaha music curriculum from 5 years old studied until 20 years old. 

Singing in a choir age 9 to 15 

Leaning the electone (electric organ), arrangement, ear training, sight singing

Transcribe the music , jazz tune and US pops and arrange them into the organ part

1992-1997 Yokohama Jazz contemporary Institute
1997-2000 Berklee College of Music / Professional Music Diploma
focusing on commercial writing, under the Grammy award winning producer Richard Evans, as assistant for the skill of arrangements, producing the artists, directing the productions.
Flute lesson by Wendy Rolfe PhD
2002          composer workshop by Shigeaki Saegusa at Hamamatsu
2011          NYU / ASCAP film scoring workshop


2016          UCLA EXTENTION / writing for animation by Charles Fernandez
2017          MIDI 1. Synthstaration (link for the sample)

2018          LAFCI  in spring

                   LAFCI Summer in Czech Republic 

Other education
Toyama College of Foreign Language / Practical English
Other History
2014 change artist name back to Chikako Iversen (from Akiko/firebird999) 
1997-2000 Guest bamboo flute / Fue player at Odaiko New England
Festivals, conventions, performances sent by young audience
1986-1988 Join Toyama Wind Ensemble as a flute player 1986-1988
1993 Join top 40 live house La Vein Rose in Tokyo as keyboardist
1994 Tomoi Office of Music (Music Agent) as flute player and lounge piano player
1995 Hokkoku Office of Music (Music Agent) as flute player and wedding
Co-founder of San Diego Taiko. (Guest fue Player)

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